Monday, November 12, 2012

Is anyone still out there?

I hope so. :(

Well first off I'm sorry I haven't posted anything in months. My internet on my desktop computer (the one with my Sims games and all my pictures) completely crapped out and I haven't been able to use it. I didn't want to keep playing my game and get too far away from where I was on here, so I just haven't touched the Sims game pretty much since the last time I updated (I was about two chapters ahead in-game).

Then to top it off, this last week it messed up so badly that I had to totally reformat it and start from scratch. I couldn't even move anything over to my external hard drive or my flash drive because it was messing up that bad; it wouldn't let me click on or move anything. So this means I not only lost my saved Sims games, but I lost my pictures, the chapters I had written but not yet published, all my CC, everything.

So basically this means I won't be able to pick up the story from where I left off. :/ BUT with Seasons coming out tomorrow, I think I'll restart a totally new legacy, eventually. Probably won't be until December though, after the semester is over.

I'm off to spend my day reinstalling Sims and all the EPs on my computer. And then track down all my CC. *sigh*

- Alona


  1. I've been wondering what happened to you! I'm so sorry about your computer problems, that just sucks.
    Good luck with your reinstall, and I look forward to seeing you start up a new legacy when you have time.

  2. Sorry to hear your sims were un-recoverable, that's sad :( Good luck getting everything reinstalled and a fresh start. Sims can always wait, get through your semester!